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Http Chat Room System


Http Chat Room System

Package Description
With this package, you can have an optimized chat system with mysql and php in your games At the lowest possible cost. Chat chat download speed is live Using this professional system, you can easily create a completely professional chat room system in your game. And never pay for very expensive servers again Because the existing package can be implemented in a shared server based on PHP and MySQL

- A secure system based on HTTP network Completely cheap without having to pay for very expensive server fees
-Professional chat system based on PHP and MySQL
- Built based on http clinet to receive data instantly
- Runs on all platforms, including Android Has the ability of super admin and monitoring chat room members (user kick)

Applicable to all platforms ,including android and .....

Notes: This package is made with Unity 2019, but can also be used in lower versions

Prerequisites:This package does not have any prerequisites, only a shared server or a database host.

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